Meet the GFaceMD Team

Shauna Autenrieth, Master Esthetician

Shauna is a master esthetician and makeup artist with over 15 years of experience. She has practiced in the fields of both spa and medical esthetics, providing her with a diverse background. Her expertise can be found in the art of precision, whether it be in facial treatments or glamming up bridal parties.

After graduating from Framingham State University with a degree in Consumer Sciences, concentrating in Human Services, Shauna fell in love with esthetics. Her motivation to pursue a degree from Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics stemmed from her own personal struggles with acne for many years. Shauna offers an empathetic ear to her clients and her goal is to provide them with luxurious service, making them feel like the most beautiful version of themselves.

She is passionate about educating her clients on skin care and believes in a progressive approach to achieve results. When Shauna isn’t shaping a brow, she can be found dancing around her kitchen with her husband and two children.

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