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Team stands behind all our work.

We will be upfront, honest, and clear about what to expect from your treatments. We are always happy to listen to your concerns and feel that our professions are both an honor and a privilege.

We are excited to guide and support you through this experience, with the ‍ultimate goal of making you look as good as you feel. Additionally our team is dedicated to ensuring your safety and privacy during this unprecedented time. We have implemented the most strict safety protocols to ensure you are in the best hands.

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Dr. Frieling

Dr. Frieling is a nationally recognized, triple board-certified, Harvard-trained Dermatopathologist, that has been featured in outlets such as Yahoo, Oprah Magazine, Elle, Real Self, Bustle, Bustle, MSN, Shape, NBC News and more. In addition to creating unmatched results with non-surgical injectable procedures, Dr. Frieling holds medical licenses in over 7 states and has been a speaker and faculty member at conferences nationwide. She is a member of the Boston Doctor Network and has been featured in Boston Magazine numerous times. Dr. Frieling is a member of the American MedSpa Association and other professional organizations.

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GFace & Ultrasound Technology

GFace prides itself on propelling the field and integrating the most advanced and up-to-date technology. We now integrate ultrasound technology as a part of our daily practice. We provide facial mapping, ultrasound guided injections, and ultrasound guided dermal filler dissolving. 

Ultrasound Triage with Anatomical and Vascular Mapping, which will be a part of all patient treatment plans. We are thrilled to offer this to our incredible patients.

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A Cutting Edge Skincare Line

When Dr. G sets out to do something, nothing can stand in her way. During the pandemic, we formulated The Soyier Skin Collection, comprised of skincare products with #spotoningredients, both naturally-derived and medical, built specifically to foster beautiful, healthy skin that handles the most stressful conditions of life.

We want your skin to be happy and healthy from the inside out, SOYIER skincare reflects that.

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