GFaceMD’s “go-to” dehydration remedy. Packed with essential minerals and electrolytes, your body is quickly quenched at the cellular level. Subsequently, optimal circulation and vascular volume is restored to fuel vital organs. You will feel refreshed, renewed, and energetic as your body is cleansed of the chemicals of daily life.

Ingredient Options

500cc Normal Saline Solution: Hydrating fluids (Sodium and Chloride electrolytes)

  • Identical to the normal composition of your bodily fluids.
  • Cost: $135
    • Add Vitamin C and/or B Complex for additional cost per vitamin

1000cc Saline: Hydrating Fluid

  • Will replenish fluid after extreme exercise or vomiting from illness.
  • Cost: $175

Treatment Duration: 20-30 minutes


GFaceMD’s ultimate IV hydration treatment for extreme dehydration after sickness, extreme exercise, or a night out on the town. Don’t waste the day in bed when you can be restored back to a wonderful level of hydration.

2000cc Normal Saline Solution

Cost: $215

Treatment Duration: 30-40 minutes