Client Testimonials

“Dr. G is truly an incredible Doctor. She is kind, talented, and attentive. She always asks about the goal results and does what she can to get you there. I am so glad I found her through Instagram! “

“Everything was wonderful… from the overall environment to the way Dr. Gretchen made me feel at ease, to the way she performed the procedure, and to the actual results! Thank you, Dr. G!”

“Dr. Gretchen Frieling is a very professional and skilled doctor. She is very personable and treats everyone with kindness and concern. I highly recommend her for any problem.”

“Dr. G knows her stuff. As a medical professional myself, I feel comfortable in the hands of someone who is technically skillful, who continues to educate and grow, and who is committed to providing safe, beautiful, and most importantly, subtle results. I couldn’t be happier!”

“Dr. G is a breath of fresh air, super down to earth, confident and conservative with your procedures – very hard to find in this industry!”

“Dr. Frieling’s approach and credentials are excellent. And the results I’m enjoying are proof positive of her expertise! Highly recommend her and can’t wait to come back!”

“Every time I see Dr. Frieling I leave feeling amazing! She takes her time, is a total perfectionist and I love it!! I had my lips done for the first time and I cannot wait to see the final results after minor swelling goes down! HIGHLY recommend!”

“Excellent customer service. Dr. Frieling is honest, kind and artistic. She provides excellent suggestions and will definitely fight the aging process right along your side.”

“I felt comfortable and the space was inviting. Gretchen talked me through the whole process in a very natural way. And with being a guy, it didn’t feel like it was just a place for women. I’d highly recommend anyone to visit GFaceMD. you!”

“Dr. Frieling is amazing! Her work is flawless & I was completely at ease!”

“Gretchen was excellent! I highly recommend her- from her soft skills (personable, timely and honest) to her most important technical skills – I had a great experience. I have been twice for Botox. I also highly recommend her products- the serum and exfoliator! Thank you!”

“Dr. Frieling’s credentials are beyond anyone in the industry and her work is second to no one! She is by far the best I have come across. She takes her work very seriously and takes time to educate me on my best options and is very thorough with all her answers all my questions. Highly recommend her and can’t wait to go back!”

“I have been seeing Dr G for almost a year. Unlike other dermatology (Drs) offices that I have been to, she is always on time and respects my time. Dr G looks at your whole face and puts together an individual plan based on your goals and the condition of your skin. I am extremely satisfied with my results!”

“I have to write a review for Dr. Frieling because she is nothing but fabulous. I have gone to see her around 6 times this year and only had amazing experiences with her. She is professional yet warm and kind. She provides customized treatments for your face and facial structure and truly listens to what you describe. She makes you feel comfortable and that she cares about you, like a friend. She is the only person I would trust with my aesthetic needs.”

“I don’t trust anyone else with my face. PERIOD. Gretchen is not only the nicest person, but she is a true ARTIST and is so subtle with what she does. I have gotten Dysport, fillers and B12 shots in her office, but I absolutely love her face mask, face wash, hydrating serum and eye cream if you are not quite ready to make that leap. She is always forthcoming and fair with prices and even runs specials month to month on particular products, so be sure to catch one of those if you are looking for a deal!”

“I’ve been seeing Gretchen since the beginning. Not only is she talented and well trained, thoughtful and insightful but she is also kind and funny. Gretchen is warm and welcoming so visiting her for a consult sets your mind at ease. The office is beautiful and inviting. I find it so helpful and reassuring that Gretchen can explain how everything works so you’re clear about how you’ll look and feel. She takes a less is more approach which is unusual in 2019. Everyone wants more and bigger but Gretchen is able to talk about subtle overall changes that are just what you want when it comes to your face. I find visiting Gretchen to be super relaxing and the results are spot on! I’m so grateful to have found someone with her skill set, talent and kind heart.”

“I don’t trust anyone else with my face. PERIOD. Gretchen is not only the nicest person, but she is a true ARTIST and is so subtle with what she does. I have gotten Dysport, fillers and B12 shots in her office, but I absolutely love her face mask, face wash, hydrating serum and eye cream if you are not quite ready to make that leap. She is always forthcoming and fair with prices and even runs specials month to month on particular products, so be sure to catch one of those if you are looking for a deal!”

“Gretchen was the first doctor to believe in me. I always said to all the other doctors that I had too much hair in my face and they used to ignored me. She took all the hair off and made me feel like a different woman. That’s what she does. She is more than a doctor. She will analyze your case carefully without any judgments and bring your confidence back. To future patients: you will never find a better doctor.
Also, take a look at all of her products, they are amazing and they really work!”


“I can’t say enough amazing things about Dr. Gretchen Frieling! I recently went to her with my facial concerns and explained what I was looking for.
She steered me in the right direction and gave me her opinion on how I could make my wishes a reality. I left my consultation so excited and feeling very at ease. Needless to say, she was flawless in her work and I was immediately thrilled with the results! Two weeks later and they are only getting better. I would recommend her to anyone! Also, her skincare line has changed my life! She gave me some samples at my consultation and after only 1 week, I had people commenting on my skin. I immediately bought her products and LOVE THEM!”

“I wish I could give Gretchen a 6 star review!!! She is absolutely wonderful and her knowledge of the industry and expertise in patient care is outstanding. Her heart is in everything she does and it’s apparent. I had some filler that had moved and hardened around my upper lip and she was able to make my lips look natural by taking the filler out. I went back for a second appointment to discuss if I should continue to tweak everything and she suggested that we just leave it alone, because it looked natural. THAT is so rare, so many people just want to sell you something you don’t need. Yes, her products/services are incredible, but the peace of mind and trust she provides is priceless.”

“Gretchen is AMAZING! I have been going to her office for services for ~6 months and each visit has been personalized to my specific needs. Gretchen takes the time to listen and then develops a plan to accomplish your goals. She is transparent about outcomes and cost. I have referred friends to her, and they have also been very pleased with their results. I also need to mention her amazing skincare product line, highly recommended! Overall, a 5-star clinician and experience at GFaceMD.”

“Dr. Gretchen is a true artist! She studies your face and listens to your concerns and then creates a masterpiece!! I couldn’t be happier with my Botox and fillers and my lips! I am very picky and have been to other doctors and Dr. Gretchen is top notch! My friend and I call Dr. Gretchen’s office our “Happy Place.””

“I bought Dr. Gretchen’s GFaceMD products and absolutely love them!!! I got the Clarifying Brightening Polish and the Moisture Surge! She gave me samples of the Vitamin C Pro Collagen Serum and the neck cream which I love as well and will be purchasing them soon!”

“Dr. Frieling is amazing! The sensitivity and compassion she offered me as an older patient coupled with her medical knowledge was beyond compare!
She is absolutely a marvel and so talented and I will be a long time patient for years to come….Thank you, Dr. Frieling!!! “

“Gretchen is amazing, she is so knowledgeable and takes the time to make sure you’re comfortable and you know what’s going on and what to expect and she customizes each experience so you don’t feel like a random patient, you know she truly cares about you and your results.”

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how THRILLED I am with my results! I keep staring in the mirror because I can’t believe that is my face! I feel like for so long, I have woken up in the morning and look in the mirror, or even Facetime with my friends and family and think UGH that doesn’t look like me….. now, I look exactly the way I want and I don’t even have to waste my time thinking about it. You are amazing! Thank you!”


“The most knowledgeable doctor I’ve experienced. She really understands the anatomy of your face.”

“I have been using GFaceMD products for a month now. The results are amazing: my skin is brighter, healthier, and feels amazing. Love trying now products, especially when the results are so good.”

“GFaceMD is above and beyond all of the other cosmetic providers in the Boston-area. Her in-depth medical and dermatological knowledge gives her the ability to produce stunning, yet natural results.”

“Excellent care, explained everything fully, really felt in safe hands.”

“Dr. Frieling is amazing!! Really the total package – beautiful office space, personalized service, and talent for creating beautiful results. With the in-office treatments and the skin care products, I am truly obsessed with my face! Thank you!!”

“Gretchen is amazing, she makes the entire experience. She’s extremely knowledgeable, takes her time and is very good at what she does! I’ve come several times and love it every time!”

“Gretchen is simply the best! She is caring and takes the time to personalize your experience based on your individual needs. I would highly recommend GFaceMD!”

“Dr. Gretchen Frieling was very caring and took her time to explain the botox procedure in a caring environment. She has a wonderful personality and is great at what she does. Her office was very inviting.”

“Gretchen takes her time and explains the whole procedure thoroughly. She is subtle with the enhancements she makes to the face, which is exactly what I’m looking for! I love her “less is more” approach!”

“Gretchen is a joy to work with! She is truly passionate about her job and has an artistic eye and have recommended her numerous times! Can’t wait to come back!”

“Gretchen provided personalized, excellent care. The consultation before the injections erased any worry I had.”

“I received a skin treatment from Gretchen and she was INCREDIBLE. After following her religiously on Instagram and through client reviews, I was so excited to meet her. She’s personable, informative, and so kind! If you’re hesitant about anything, she’s fantastic at explaining and recommending without being pushy. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants an extra glow/confidence boost! She’s the absolute best!”


“I have been on the search for the perfect place to get Botox since moving back East & that search stopped when I found Dr Gretchen Frieling. I found her thru social media, did my research & made my appointment. I felt comfortable with her before even walking in her office because she actually took the time to email me back and forth to get me in her schedule at a time that worked best for me. Not many Doctors take the time to email you & respond as quickly as she did. When I went in for my appointment I immediately clicked with her. She was so sweet, genuine and took the time to sit and discuss Botox as well as a few other procedures I was interested in. She never made me feel like she was rushing me out of her office! She was so well informed & I didn’t bruise at all (which I normally do). I left there feeling confident & feeling like I had a new friend. ANYONE who is looking for an honest, smart & sweet Dr. who they can trust can stop looking if you found Dr Frieling. She is the BEST!!!!”

“Excellent appointment with Gretchen. She is so friendly and gives a range of skincare options. I went with dermplaning, which immediately changed the look/feel of my skin. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I really appreciated that I didn’t feel pressure to buy anything. She’s great!”

“Dr. Frieling is excellent, skilled, and thorough, and is passionate about what she does. Her office is impeccable, soothing, and she takes time to examine your face thoroughly and make helpful observations and suggestions. She also takes great care in ensuring a natural look.”

“Dr. Frieling was fantastic. I had never done Botox before, but was always curious about it. I went to Dr. Frieling and she really spent the time to educate me and discuss everything. I am so incredibly happy with my results and already looking forward to my next appointment with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”


“Gretchen was amazing! She was very patient, took her time to really explain to me what all my options were, didn’t try to push any services I wasn’t interested in and answered all of my questions and concerns. She has a very natural approach and I left her office feeling 10 years younger! Can’t wait to go back.”

“What an artist with a soul. Ok, she’s a bonafide doc too, which is super. I came in looking for one thing, fortunately Dr Freiling’s keen eye pointed us in a simpler, better, longer lasting direction. Results so far are better than that clean post dentist feeling and just had a great haircut combined. Thanks Dr Frieling!”

“Gretchen was a dream! She has a very natural and practical approach. I left feeling so educated and relieved we had a plan. I was beyond thrilled and confident with the results that I can already see. So highly recommend her and can’t wait to go back!”

“So far so good. Gretchen took her time and really thought about a good plan for me. This is a game changer. There was no pressure, no gimmicks and no phoniness(if that is a word) I felt so comfortable and felt she had my best interest. I found her on yelp because I wanted to blaze my own trail for this kind of thing. Now I am proud to write this review. Oh…I want to stress that she is available before and after for questions and concerns that one has after her service. I know…what a concept!!!”

“Dr. Frieling is genuine, trustworthy, personable and really made me feel comfortable with the process and procedure. I first met her for a consultation but after our conversation I knew on the spot that I wanted her to treat me (which I did at that visit). She was extremely thorough, is 100% supportive of a natural look, and is not at all sales-y. It is very clear that she is passionate about what she does and cares for her patients. So grateful to have found her!”

“Gretchen is a real-life super hero. She’s a medical doctor with over 10 years of experience as a leader in the Dermatology and Pathology fields. In additional to her expertise as a Dermatopathologist, she’s an expert of the face. Her attention to detail is truly astounding. With her expert eye, and vast knowledge of injectables and dermaplaning, she worked with me to develop a plan to compliment my skincare goals with my individual facial features and skin type. The results were truly incredible, and her “less is more” philosophy is spot on. She is the total package – charming, kind, comforting, skilled, and highly trained and educated in her field. There is no way you will not fall in love with her warm personality and her magical work.”

“Spending time with Gretchen is relaxing and the bonus of leaving feeling brighter and more like myself is even better! She’s clear and informative, explains things well and has enthusiasm for her craft which is the perfect combination. I already have appointments booked moving forward. Her follow up care is great too! Thanks Gretchen!!!”


“If you’re looking for a doctor you can trust, is knowledgeable, caring, artistic and a genuinely good person who will work with you to feel like your best self; then Dr G is your gal! From my first interaction with her I immediately felt comfortable and left her office feeling like a million bucks! Thank you :)”

“Gretchen is extremely professional, kind and smart! I would trust her for all of the services she offers and any additional guidance or suggestions she provides. I tried dermaplaning and loved it! I highly recommend and will continue to consult and use Gretchen for further skincare needs. An all-around positive woman — your spirits will be lifted during and after your visit with her! Worth checking out!!

“Dr. Gretchen is knowledgable and sensitive – both things you are looking for in a medspa. She is reassuring and actively listens. She was able to answer all my questions, reassuring me and also educating me beyond what I could find in my own research – which can sometimes be misleading or misunderstood. She was able to identify my areas of concern and consult me on next steps in a way that made me feel excited and not nervous. She has an eye for enhancing your best features instead of looking at flaws! I recommend her to everyone.”

“This is my first YELP and I am thrilled that it is on behalf of a newfound gem! Dr. G was recommended to me by a fellow skin enthusiast. We had been going to the same med spa for ages and it was time for a change! Dr. G’s office is clean, clandestine and welcoming. We talked for an hour about my thoughts and concerns…I was immediately comfortable with her vast knowledge of her procedures and products. She is the ultimate professional. Her “bedside manner” is calming and gentle. The injections were smooth and nearly painless! I didn’t even bruise-which is an anomaly for my face! I’m actually hopeful now that this aging process is going to be handled by Dr. G.

“It was my pleasure to meet this lovely lady. I walked out of her office looking and feeling a new person. She was patient, thoughtful and careful.”

“Today I got Botox from Gretchen and loved her personality and spirit and She did an Amazing job!!! I Definitely will be going back to her very soon for more services.. I Very Highly recommend Her !! If I could have given 10 I would have.. Thank You Gretchen…


“Absolutely so happy with my appointment with Gretchen today! She took the time to listen to my concerns, my facial history, and what I was looking for at the time. She was honest and helpful with ways to clear up my skin and is willing to look at my current skin care regime to see what is and isn’t working with my skin. She didn’t try to push any pricey products on me, which happens at a lot of other places, but I did leave with a moisturizer that has left my skin feeling SO soft. If you haven’t been dermaplaned before I recommend it, especially with Gretchen!”

“Everything was perfect from the moment I opened the door.
I’m so excited to have found Dr. F via Instagram. She made me comfortable and at ease before/during/after treatment.
I can’t wait to go back for another treatment, she is so talented!!

“Dr. Frieling is such a sweetheart and light of positive energy. She is also extremely professional and I immediately trusted her expertise. She really listened to me in the consultation and came up with a personalized plan for my exact needs and face. I can’t wait to go back!”

“Gretchen always puts a smile on my face!!! Such a great doctor, she is so smart and who doesn’t love someone who makes them feel better about yourself?!? You are one of kind

“Gretchen is so incredibly sweet and knowledgeable. She explained everything and was super gentle the whole time. It was an amazing experience, I can’t wait to go back!”

“As always, Dr. Frieling is amazing and beyond exception at what she does. Love the welcoming and super helpful office mgr too!


“Well, the main thing is I walked out looking 10 years younger! (And I thought I looked pretty good before.) And I also felt really seen throughout and appreciated how excited Dr. Frieling was about the improve the filler was making. While fun and charming throughout, she explained the science in a direct, understandable and not condescending way. I am thrilled”

“Loved every minute of this visit! You were awesome in helping me decide exactly what I needed to lift and plump. First time I’ve ever had NO bruising afterward. Maybe bc you are so gentle and nothing hurt? Love my new lips and cheeks and love you!

“As a first time Botox client I’ll admit I was pretty nervous – but Dr. Frieling immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease with her down to earth and calming presence. The world of aesthetic maintenance can be overwhelming from a distance, but Dr. Frieling took the time to listen to my questions, look at my skin and figure out the most efficient way for ME to look and feel my best.”

“On time and always ready to discuss any concerns about that days procedure as well as answering questions about potential future options, general skin care and new products. Left extremely happy and better informed!

“Highly recommend all around- professional, knowledgeable, very personable, includes you in the decision process and explains all procedures prior and during, the list goes on!!”

“My attitude always changes after I leave the office. I am so glad I met Gretchen.

“My service was incredible. I saw requests instantly and knew exactly what to do once I left to make sure everything heeled properly! It has been a few days now and lips look incredible. Thank you!!!!!!”

“Gretchen is so nice and she made me feel so comfortable. I felt confident that I was in good care! Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend her to my friends.

“Gretchen was very personal , processional and so nice… I Definitely will be going back… 10/10”

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