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25 Walnut Street, Suite 101
Wellesley, MA, 02481


By Appointment Only
In-Home Visits Available


(781) 52-GFACE 781.524.3223
[email protected]

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Look How You Feel

Natural results through artistic creativity and a patient-focused approach.

The GFaceMD Team appreciates that outward appearance and confidence are intertwined. The GFaceMD Team is passionate about helping her patients achieve their personal aesthetic goals and gain an improved quality of life. Our goal is to provide thorough consultations, and impeccable yet natural-appearing outcomes. Our intensive medical training and artistic talent creates a solid foundation for all of her work. The GFaceMD Team are firm believers that prevention is key!


Why Choose GFaceMD?

The GFaceMD Team stands behind all our work.
We will be upfront, honest, and clear about what to expect from your treatments. We are always happy to listen to your concerns and feels being a physician is both an honor and a privilege. We are excited to guide you and support you through this experience, with the ultimate goal of making you look as good as you feel.

  • Board Certified

  • Dedicated to achieving unmatched results

  • Listens to her patient’s aesthetic goals, questions, and concerns

  • Values the patient-physician relationship

  • Brings intensive medical training and experience to her practice

Our Mission

To optimize beauty through advanced microenhancement techniques with utmost professional, education, and confidentiality.





Now offering Vitamin B12 and D Injections!

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Neurotoxins are a widely used, safe and effective non-surgical cosmetic treatment, used to prevent and/or reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by normal facial expressions. Produced by Clostridium botulinum, this neurotoxin is found in nature in soil and lakes, as well as in the intestines of mammals and fish. Approximately 6 million Neurotoxin treatments are given each year.


Dermal fillers help to diminish facial lines and restore volume in the face. As we age, our faces lose subcutaneous fat. The facial muscles are then working closer to the skin surface, so smile lines and crow’s feet become more visible and pronounced. The facial skin also stretches a bit, adding to this loss of facial volume. Other factors that affect the facial skin include sun exposure, heredity and lifestyle.


Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation anti-aging skin treatment that removes the vellus hairs, or “peach fuzz” and other superficial debris from the face. The procedure is painless, creates silky smooth and brighter skin, and aids in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and common sun spots. Don’t hesitate in asking for more info! We offer various specials so don’t forget to ask before booking your next appointment.


KYBELLA™ is administered by injections into the fat under the chin. The treatments are customized for each individual patient. Call us today for a customized consultation. You can speak about your situation with a doctor.


Chemical Peels are used to remove dead skin cells and stimulate new cell growth and can help decrease the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, and acne. Call us today for a customized consultation regarding your next appointment.


AquaGOLD FineTouch MicroNeedling Facial is a customized blend of ingredients delivered to the skin via 20 24-carat gold-plated stainless needles directly to increase tone, texture, collagen production, and more.

“Dr. Frieling is an exceptional physician with exemplary attention to detail, a professional and artistically trained eye and honest recommendations as to how her patients can reach their goals both safely and effectively. She makes her patients feel comfortable and enjoys educating them about their options and her services to find the best-personalized fit for each patient. I highly recommend Dr. Frieling!”

“Excellent appointment with Gretchen. She is so friendly and gives a range of skincare options. I went with dermplaning, which immediately changed the look/feel of my skin. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I really appreciated that I didn’t feel pressure to buy anything. She’s great!”

“Dr. Frieling is excellent, skilled, and thorough, and is passionate about what she does. Her office is impeccable, soothing, and she takes time to examine your face thoroughly and make helpful observations and suggestions. She also takes great care in ensuring a natural look.”

“Dr Frieling is fantastic! She is thoughtful, calm, and very professional. I absolutely love my Botox results and felt so comfortable with her. Gretchen took the time to follow up with me and make sure I was happy after my treatment. I would highly recommend her!”

“Gretchen was a dream! She has a very natural and practical approach. I left feeling so educated and relieved we had a plan. I was beyond thrilled and confident with the results that I can already see. So highly recommend her and can’t wait to go back!”

“Dr. Frieling is genuine, trustworthy, personable and really made me feel comfortable with the process and procedure. I first met her for a consultation but after our conversation, I knew on the spot that I wanted her to treat me (which I did at that visit). She was extremely thorough, is 100% supportive of a natural look, and is not at all sales-y. It is very clear that she is passionate about what she does and cares for her patients. So grateful to have found her!”

“If you’re looking for a doctor you can trust, is knowledgeable, caring, artistic and a genuinely good person who will work with you to feel like your best self; then Dr G is your gal! From my first interaction with her I immediately felt comfortable and left her office feeling like a million bucks! Thank you :)”

“Dr. Frieling is such a sweetheart and light of positive energy. She is also extremely professional and I immediately trusted her expertise. She really listened to me in the consultation and came up with a personalized plan for my exact needs and face. I can’t wait to go back!”



Dr. Frieling featured on ABC News talking about mistakes to avoid after a bad sunburn.

Dr. Frieling featured on Thrive with Heather Poduska. Watch her discuss The Beauty of Entrepreneurship.

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