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Dermal Fillers Wellesley

Dermal Fillers Wellesley

There are many different types of fillers Dermal Fillers Wellesley, MA, and more in the market and are the next most popular cosmetic treatment to Botox® Cosmetic.

As we age, we lose the integrity of collagen and elasticity in our skin, resulting in loss of volume and fullness in our face. Facial fillers are a non-surgical way to restore and replace lost volume secondary to aging. Specific areas we notice these changes in are the nasolabial folds, cheeks, and lips. Other uses for fillers include enhancing shallow contours, plumping and smoothing lips, and enhancing the appearance of scars.

Facial fillers tend to have a “moisturizing” effect and are often used in combination with neurotoxins for optimal results, leaving your skin tighter, brighter, and fuller, allowing for a beautiful and natural appearing result.

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Dermal Fillers FAQs

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that contain hyaluronic acid, collagen, or calcium hydroxyapatite, and soften scars, enhance lips, and add volume to the skin.

If you have any fine lines and wrinkles and wish to look younger, dermal fillers will be an excellent choice for you. It is essential to be in good health, too.

During the filler treatment, a thin needle is used to inject the solution into carefully selected muscles. For a few minutes, you may feel a tugging or pulling, but it's nothing to be concerned about! Fillers can be performed in less than an hour and leave no scars.

Some slight bruising may occur after your session, but it will naturally disappear. Following the treatment, lines begin to fade within 24 hours, with further changes taking place gradually over a few days.
Since everyone is different, the type of dermal filler and other factors will determine how long the effects will last. Dermal fillers may last for up to five years in some cases, while in others, they can last for six to twelve months.
Recovery times differ depending on the type of filler injected and the individual. You should be able to resume activities after your procedure but should avoid exercise during the first 24-48 hours following the injection of fillers.
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