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Fat-Dissolving Treatments Wellesley

Fat-Dissolving Treatments Wellesley


Injections administer KYBELLA™ or Fat Dissolving Treatments Wellesley, MA into the fat under the chin. The treatments are customized for each individual patient. In clinical trials, the average dose given was approximately 4 to 6 mL per treatment session, and each person should expect 2-4 treatments, no less than 4 weeks apart. Each session lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.

In clinical trials, patients reported improvement in the visual and emotional impact of submental fat, particularly when asked how happy, bothered, self-conscious, embarrassed, old, and overweight they felt following treatment in relation to the amount of their submental fat.

Body KYBELLA™ can be used to remove fat in the following areas:

– Bra area

– Back

– Upper Arms

– Abdomen

– Knees

– Ankles

Want to eliminate that unwanted fat? Kybella is your answer!

Fat-Dissolving Treatments FAQs

Kybella is a treatment used to permanently reduce small pockets of fat on the body, such as a double chin, inner thigh area, breast bulges, and belly fat.
Kybella destroys fat cells when it is injected beneath the chin, reducing fullness under the chin. Once these cells are destroyed, they can no longer store or accumulate fat, so further treatment is not necessary once you reach your aesthetic goals.
Generally, it takes 60 to 90 days for results to be noticeable.
The fat cells will die after Kybella is injected. Dead fat cells cannot be stored or accumulated. Once your desired aesthetic is achieved, no further treatment is needed.
Depending on your individual circumstances, the number of Kybella treatments required will vary. Everyone is different.
Swelling and bruising are possible. Plan your event or vacation two weeks after your treatment.
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