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Streamline the Technology in Your Medical Spa

Streamline The Technology In Your Medical SpaImage
Author: Sky Tale Group

The universe of medical spa technology is vast. There are so many options that help elevate a practice’s operations, from online booking to membership management and more. That’s precisely the challenge, however. Tech-savvy practices are juggling so many systems–it often leads to overspending and underutilizing the technology that was intended to make them more efficient.
In this article, we discuss how to get the most out of the technology in your practice.

Medical Spa Technology Solutions that Enhance Operations

There are some fabulous tech and software solutions out there for medical aesthetics practices. As the industry grows, so do the innovations that help businesses scale.
In order to figure out which systems your practice needs (and which it doesn’t), you need to know what your options are. Below, we outline some types of technology to consider (some are must-haves) at your medical spa.
If you’d like to read more about considerations for integrating technology in your healthcare practice, read our article here.

Overall Operations

To run your business, you’ll need a centralized software system to be able to manage booking, scheduling, patient intake, payment, and more. Some practice management systems offer expanded capabilities to manage memberships or patient communication.

⦁ Practice Management System (needs to include an EMR, electronic medical records)

Enhanced Patient Experience

One primary function of technology is to remove friction from the patient experience. Technology should make booking, paying, and communicating convenient for patients. Any kind of software that can help streamline this process will elevate the overall patient experience and reduce cancellations, dropped leads, and missed opportunities.

⦁ Convenient online booking capability
⦁ Patient communication (automated appointment reminders, including text, email, and phone)
⦁ Texting capability (with your phones or practice management system)
⦁ Patient portal to collect electronic forms and consents
⦁ Payment portal that includes a text-pay option

Marketing and Sales

Look into software and AI platforms that can help turn curious online browsers into patients. For example, Liine uses AI to record calls or track online forms to better follow up with leads. There are also tech solutions that collect online reviews with post treatment surveys or upon payment.

⦁ Marketing lead management (a resource to capture incoming leads to put them into the lead funnel)
⦁ Sales CRM
⦁ Collecting online reviews

Membership Management and E-commerce

You’ll need a way for your members to autopay on a monthly basis, schedule treatments, and more. It might be aligned with your practice management system or your e-commerce site. RepeatMD manages members and includes features like rewards and financing, along with e-commerce.

⦁ Platform to manage memberships (lined up to autopay)
⦁ E-commerce site for retail or service packages


You can streamline the way you collect and store patient health and medical information with the right technology. Telemedicine makes Good Faith Exams and patient follow-ups more convenient. Photo management systems (like RxPhoto or TouchMD) offer a secure space to store sensitive patient health information like before and after photos, even on a phone or iPad.

⦁ EMR (part of Practice Management System)
⦁ Telemedicine capabilities
⦁ Post treatment surveys
⦁ Photo management software (HIPAA compliant and secure)

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