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What is collagen made of, and why is topical collagen better than oral supplements for the skin?

To begin, there are VERY LIMITED data on collagen supplements. However, let’s discuss some scientific principles and why we believe skin application of collagen is better than orally taking collagen supplements. PROTEIN makes up 70% of skin structure. In the 20s, you lose 1% per year. A reduced amount of collagen means less elasticity, a thinner appearance, and more fine lines and wrinkles.

Can we apply it directly to the skin?

NO. It is not water-soluble, and therefore, cannot be made into a cream or serum. HOWEVER, we can break down the collagen into peptides (hydrolyzed collagen). The peptides can be dissolved into the water phase of creams or serums and can be applied directly to the skin.

The skin then breaks down the peptides into amino acids, which are the small building blocks of peptides and proteins. Fibroblasts then use amino acids to make COLLAGEN.

Applying it TOPICALLY IS BETTER than an oral supplement for the skin. EVERY organ needs collagen, such as bones, nails, and hair. When taken orally, all of these organs receive the supplement contents before the skin. Therefore, it is important to have a minimum of 60-80g of protein in your daily diet. Then, you can take your collagen supplement as well. Studies have shown benefits include increased hydration, increased elasticity, and increased collagen density.

Our peptide-infused eye cream by Soyier skin is an INCREDIBLE source of peptides, specifically for the under-eye area, which shows signs of aging FIRST. This eye formula is a highly-advanced eye treatment containing leading-edge technology using anti-aging peptides lactic and glycolic acids. Enzymatically-emulsified vegetable protein locks in moisture, while sea algae extract protects from oxidative damage. Combined with organic plant oils, vitamins, and minerals, your skin will appear brighter, firmer, soft, supple, and moisturized, with a notable decrease in under-eye puffiness and dark circles.

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