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What role does a facial mist play in skincare? When and how should a facial mist be used?

A “Mist” is a product delivery method that can be a facial mist or a facial misting/hydrating toner. Facial mists can be used during a skincare routine to prepare the skin for maximum absorption of subsequently applied serums, moisturizers, and oils. They can also be used throughout the day for continual moisture, without disrupting previously applied skincare, sunscreen, and/or makeup.  Mists can also be used to prep the skin for makeup application, to provide an even, glowing complexion. If desired, mists can also be applied to cotton rounds for a different approach to application, which, depending on the ingredients, aids in remove unwanted debris, oil, and dirt.

Can a mist be formulated to meet specific skin needs, or are they all generally for hydration?

In general, they are formulated for hydration, as the purpose of a mist is to stay relatively superficial on the skin’s surface. Ingredients that work at deeper layers of the skin would not work appropriately is formulated as a mist.  Facial misting toners, such as the Soyier Skin Toner Hydratant, offers BOTH hydration and cleansing properties.

Are there any ingredients to look for in a good facial mist? Any to avoid?

Avoid drying alcohols, such as simple alcohol, SD alcohol, ethyl alcohol. A wonderful ingredient to increase moisture retention and hydration is aloe barbadensis (aloe leaf). This, as well as water, offer hydrating and moisturizing properties that are non-drying and gentle.

Should people with certain skin conditions avoid facial mists?

People that are typically prone to topical allergies should be sure to evaluate the ingredient list before application. A test spot is also advised. If you are overly sensitive, with conditions such as rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis avoid drying and harsh ingredients. If you ever have any questions, always reach out to an educated health care provider with your questions.

Anything else to know about how this product works?

Soyier Skin Toner Hydratant, offers BOTH hydration and cleansing properties. This advanced facial toner is aloe-based and simple alcohol free and offers cleansing and intensely hydrating properties, while also priming the skin for ultimate additional hydration.  DMAE (2-dimethylaminoethanol) works effectively to combat signs of aging and soften fine lines and wrinkles, while also enhancing tone and texture. Agave, Sand Verbena, and Joshua Tree Root break down dead skin cells and fight skin congestion while defending against free radicals.

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