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Can You Treat Acne Scars?

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Acne is caused by your body’s inflammatory response to a clogged pore. As the body heals, either too much or too little collagen is produced causing a raised or depressed scar. Scarring can also be caused by manipulation (squeezing, picking at, or popping pimples), genetics, medications, and stress.

We are all guilty of picking at a pimple and may now have a scar. Fear not, there are ways to lessen, or even eliminate the appearance of scarring. This often requires a multi-pronged approach.

Acne scar surgery is one option. If the scar is noticeable enough, a dermatologist can surgically remove the scar leaving a smaller scar instead, with the thought that a surgically-induced scar is less noticeable and more likely to fade over-time. Seem a bit-invasive?

Enter skin resurfacing.

Skin resurfacing is an umbrella term which includes laser therapy, radiofrequency, chemical peels, micro-needling, and microdermabrasion. These techniques can fade, and even eliminate scarring if performed at regular intervals over time. For the purpose of this blog, we will focus on laser therapy, chemical peels, and micro-needling which are services offered at GFaceMD in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts.

Skin resurfacing is an umbrella term which includes laser therapy, radiofrequency, chemical peels, micro-needling, and microdermabrasion.

The Clear + Brilliant laser is the newest treatment to arrive at GFaceMD. However, Clear + Brilliant has been optimizing skin health since FDA approval in 2012. This lase improves tone and texture of skin with no downtime, resulting in visible reduction in acne scars. It also improves skin tone. Results are seen after a series of treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

Chemical peels have been around for years because they are tried-and-true. The different strength peels (light, moderate, strong) refer to the depth of penetration. Peels are a great way to treat fine lines, acne and acne scarring, and uneven skin tone. Depending on the strength of the chemical peel, some peeling or dryness can be expected following treatment. Results are seen after multiple peels over several months. Chemical peels are part of our skin health arsenal at GFaceMD. The GFaceMD team will meet with you to discuss your goals, and then select the best peel for your skin type.

Micro-needling is a technique of introducing tiny needles into the skin to stimulate collagen production. AquaGold takes micro-needling one step further by delivering a custom cocktail of bioactive ingredients directly into the skin. Benefits of AquaGold includes improvement in skin texture and tone, brightening complexion, decreases pore size, and smooths acne scarring. The effects of AquaGold last up to 5 months and can be repeated every 3-4 months. There is no downtime, pain, bruising, or bleeding. Interested in AquaGold? Visit GFaceMD for your personalized microneedling treatment.

The most powerful tool for treating acne scars is prevention and NOT PICKING! More to
come on how to develop your daily skin routine…

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