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Woman Holding A Serum on Her Hand | gfacemd | Wellesley

  It is that time of year again where we start to notice Under Eye Puffiness due to seasonal allergies. Any sort of congestion or inflammation

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Sunflower Seed Oil | Gface MD | Wellesley
Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower seed oil is non-comedogenic, highly absorbent, non-irritating, and free of chemicals and toxins. It is known for its healing and restorative effects for not

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Kale In Skincare | Gface MD | Wellesley
Kale In Skincare

   Let’s talk about the benefits of kale in skincare. We know kale is good for you all around but specifically, why should you incorporate it

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Hyaluronic Acid Allergy | Gface MD | Wellesley
Hyaluronic Acid Allergy

Hyaluronic Acid Allergy? Is this a thing?                       Our body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, so this substance rarely causes severe allergy, but it can

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Vitamin D And Eczema | Gface MD | Wellesley
Vitamin D and Eczema

As our society continues to change with the push for indoor employment and time spent inside, we must consider the effects of the lack of

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Clay, Bamboo, And Charcoal | Gface MD | Wellesley
Clay, Bamboo, and Charcoal

Wondering what the hype is around clay, bamboo, and charcoal in your skincare products? Clay, bamboo, and charcoal all contain many beneficial properties for your

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Rosacea And Retinol | Gface MD | Wellesley
Retinol and Rosacea

Using a retinol or vitamin-A derivative in sensitive skinned-individuals can be challenging and intimidating for some. However, it is definitely a beneficial ingredient to incorporate,

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Blue Light Protection | Gface MD | Wellesley
Blue Light Protection

 In a year filled with lots of screen time, the effect of blue light has been a trending topic. We have seen blue light glasses

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2021 Skin Care Trends | Gface MD | Wellesley
2021 Skin Care Trends

As the new year starts settling in, so do new skincare trends. Each year, new ingredients and new trends spark the attention of the public.

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All About Retinol | Gface MD | Wellesley
All About Retinol

Let’s talk retinol! We have all heard of it, but there is lots of false information surrounding the topic that may scare people away from

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